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this is NOT politics as usual

Posted on: October 16, 2009 4:06 am
In the light of the recent Rush Limbaugh debacle... i've been seeing a lot of ridiculous comments on the subject. First of all, Rush Limbaugh ought to have the right to buy anything he wants. The politically correct NFL can SHOVE IT. It is ridiculous that Rush was removed from this bid. I don't care if you're leaning so far left that you're falling down. You should be disturbed by this. It's not about liking Mr. Limbaugh or conservative radio or conservative principles in general. This is America. Limbaugh is NOT a racist (if you want one of those go look at Sharpton before Limbaugh)... When I hear Mr. L rip P BO... sometimes I just have to laugh, however he does have some major points... as do the rest of the conservative talk radio gang.

A lot of people say these guys are doing it for the money. You're darn right they are. But that doesn't take away from what they are saying. They are not laughing all the way to the bank with this stuff... if you think they don't believe in the conservative values they defend on the airwaves for hours each day... well i think their power scares you. Rush Limbaugh listeners are certainly the most in awe... of him... and it gets a bit ridiculous... but a lot of the things he says are valid....

What's going on in America is NOT politics as usual. The left is going for broke on expanding government... if this healthcare garbage passes you're going to start to see it... there have been reports that in 10 years the average american family would be paying 20,000 for healthcare per year if a government plan (namely the concept that is the baucus plan passes)... there have been ZERO indications that it is going to save americans money... the politicians SOMETIMES talk about that... but they prefer to avoid the cost factor all together. isn't that a bit fishy?

I have yet to hear concrete numbers from the left about how this is actually going to save money. I'm a physical therapy student at Saint Louis University and I've taken a healthcare systems class in which we talked about bringing costs down so I can relate a little bit to the complexity of it from that standpoint but I've also done alot of my own research...

I will defeat anyone who argues this with me by one simple principle... WHY DOES GOVERNMENT HAVE TO TAKE OVER HEALTHCARE TO BRING DOWN COSTS! type in republican health care reform and you will find a number of people with a number of free market ideas for healthcare reform.... if you think making the GOVERNMENT an insurance company is going to help i want to hear your logic... since when is the government any better than an insurance company! why do you people put so much faith in a government that has been plagued by special interest groups and a general greediness of politicians... does the fact that these clowns would not live under the laws they are trying to pass faze you in the least!? it ought to. it really ought to.

spending is out of control in this country... it started LONG before bush... it started before Reagan.... but Obama has ramped it up into overdrive. If you're in debt... are you going to go out and spend more? no, you are not! sure that's simplifying it on a grand scale... but does this really make any sense to anyone! now is not the time to get fed up and let what's going to happen happen...

these are strange times my friends... I would sincerely like some good political discourse on this topic..... so if you have some positive comments to make, I'd be glad to have a spirited and respectful debate... i don't have anything against obama... i have alot against pelosi and i don't have anything against an american for having an opinion.. i would just like to know that people understand all sides of this.

would healthcare for all be awesome! you're darn right it would! but we live in a world where things must be paid for and where things must be well thought out... rushing through a bill that will take over 1/6 of the us economy is irresponsible!

let's hear some debate!


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Posted on: October 17, 2009 10:01 am

this is NOT politics as usual

The thing I hate to see as a very middle of the road guy, is all of the extremism that's coming out on both sides.  And you are correct that Rush should be able to buy whatever he wants.  Don't hear about any outcry from all of the artists buying minority stakes in Miami, so why shouldn't he be able to have a minority stake of the Rams.  Even Keith Olbermann of all people, stuck up for him on this one subject.  The problem is, Checketts somehow failed to realize the issues that others, especially Rush himself, understood would be associated with this.  If there's anyone to blame in all of this, it's him.

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